To solve the problems of soundproofing buildings, Sita srl soundproofing systems designs and manufactures soundproof production buildings with modular industrialized technologies paying particular attention to the aesthetic solutions.

The implemented industrial soundproof buildings, warehouse and sheds are calculated to obtain industrial noise reduction up to 50-60 dB(A) in work, are made with structures in metallic carpentry and infill with paneling, in continuous modular metal slats, at high level of sound insulation, which will be sized, according to the acoustics objectives.

With reference to the required industrial soundproofing, the infill perimeter, can be achieved with single or double wall insulations panels, with internal sound –absorbing characteristics, for the noise abatement inside the premises.

The construction of soundproof buildings will be completed with doors, lighting glass surfaces and soundproofed access to facilities with a soundproofing level adequate to the requested noise abatement.

Thanks to the modular assembly of these buildings and warehouse, any modification, extension or extraordinary maintenance is particularly strategic and economic.

Sita srl soundproofing systems with its technicians, in the field of soundproofing buildings and warehouse, specialized in environmental acoustic, supplies studies and evaluations of the acoustic impact, with the purpose to design the intervention according to the legislation in force and with the aim of issuing a certificate legally valid in relation to the European legislation.

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