Acoustic Studies

Acoustic studies by S.I.T.A. soundproofing are differentiated into two types, environmental acoustics and architectural acoustics:

Environmental Acoustics

The study of environmental acoustics is made by acoustic measurements on site; estimated evaluation of the environmental acoustic impact, design and implementation of interventions of industrial acoustic decontamination. It is a study of the noise impact on the environment, ie the problems related to the acoustics in the external environment.

Architectural acoustic

The study of architectural acoustics is made by measurement of the reverberation time, simulation of the psychoacoustic parameters, clarity, definition, time barycentric, evaluation of the soundproofing power of walls and ceilings; designs of interventions of acoustic decontamination. The study of architectural acoustics evaluate the propagation and reception of sound within an enclosed space.

Legislation for environmental and architectural acoustics:
Work environment: Directive 2003/10/CE 6/2/2003 External environment: Directive 2002/49/CE 25/6/2002 Machineries: Directive 2006/42/CE 17/5/2006

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